There are four recipes for anxiety disorders

Tremella Lotus seed soup Jujube benevolence wheat porridge

Anxiety disorder is short for anxiety neurosis and is a functional or psychological disorder. A slight anxiety is less likely to have a great impact on a person, but you can’t ignore it, you ignore it, and it will swoop in. What should a patient eat better? Here are 4 recipes for you to relieve anxiety symptoms.

Silver lotus seed soup

Materials: water hair tremella 200g, lotus seed 30g, ice sugar in moderate amount;

Practice: soak the lotus seeds in boiling water until tender, then wash the silver ear and remove them into small ones. Together with coici, 10 g, add water and cook for 45 minutes. Add sugar to taste.

Efficacy: heat quenching thirst, nourishing stomach and spleen, clearing damp, nourishing Yin. Silver lotus seed soup is a common treatment for anxiety disorders.

Jujube kasha

Materials: jujube 30 grams, wheat 30 — 60g, japonica 100g, date 6;

Practice: clean the jujube, wheat and date, add water and boil it to 10 boil, remove dregs, add japonica rice and cook porridge.

Efficacy: raise your heart. It can be used for women’s restlessness, mental restlessness, yawning, crying, heart palpitations, insomnia and sweating. Choose the appropriate diet for different situations.

Mulberry pork liver soup

Materials: fresh mulberry leaf 200g, pig liver 300g;

Practice: clean the mulberry leaves, slice the liver, cook with water, cook for about 60 minutes, and season with salt.

Efficacy: stop coughing to heat, reduce swelling and clear blood, repair liver skin, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, etc.

Green bean porridge with seaweed

Materials: 30g of seaweed, 30g mung beans, 100g japonica rice, and proper amount of sugar.

Practice: soak the kelp for a moment, wash and chop, then rinse after soaking. The rice panning was cleaned and cooked for porridge.

Edible: after the porridge, add the right amount of sugar, and eat it.

Efficacy: detoxification of heat and heat. Both are also good treatments for anxiety disorders.